Consensys 1.0

The ConsenSys 1.0 website was a particularly challenging project. With over 40 startups in a decentralized structure within a completely transparent and open space, we had to craft a visual narrative that represented not only everyone individually but everyone as a whole.

Lentes Corvus is a Mexican eyeglasses brand with the objective of bringing modern, high quality and innovation to a tired and repetitive industry in Mexico.


Understanding the structure
The Petri dish is the perfect representation of a decentralized structure. As all the droplets of bacteria grow separately each individually grows and develops differently. Some merge together, some become their own unique formation and others extend and connect between others. ConsenSys very much forms and functions this way.


The Concept
The concept of modularity came from the ever changing environment of ConsenSys. Like the Petri dish, it changes and evolves as it continues to grows.

A modular design would be a free flowing website in which each element would dictate its own hierarchy. Every piece of content lives within a preset structure but remains an organic and dynamic element that would continue to take you deeper into the website.


Strategist: Jose Caballer
Art Director/Senior Designer: Mauro Medina Susarrey